Recent Calls
Thu. Apr 20th 2017
Rollover w/entrapment on 279

Around 0930 today, 108 Rescue responded to I279SB near the Jacks Run Rd overpass for a rollover with entrapment. 108 and 210(...

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Tue. Mar 28th 2017
Two first due fires in a week

108 Engine pumped two fires last week, both in Bellevue. On Tuesday, crews responded for a report of smoke from a garage on S...

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Mon. Jan 2nd 2017
Chimney Fire

First fire of the year comes only 2 days in with a chimney fire on Roosevelt Ave in Bellevue. The fire was contained to the c...

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News Headlines
Wed. Mar 15th 2017

For this week's training, crews took advantage of the snow covered roof simulator to practice venting a roof during incle...

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Wed. Dec 3rd 2014
Good Bye Becky!

Tonight, at the monthly meeting the company accepted the resignation of current secretary and firefighter Becky Pritchard. Be...

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Wed. Oct 8th 2014
New Tool added to the Rescue "Tool Box"

Recently, the members decided to purchase a new MPD otherwise known as a multi purpose device for rope rescue evolutions. Thi...

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108 Squad
2015 Ford Expedition
First in bag
Back Board
QRS certified
Forcible Entry Tools
W Tool
Hand Lights
Water Can
Dry Chem Extinguisher
Laptop computer with CAD and GPS

Pennsylvania DOH QRS Certified
108 Engine
2012 Pierce Arrow XT Pumper
1200' 5" Large diameter hose
2-200' 1-3/4 Crosslays
300' 1-3/4 Off Rear
100' 1-3/4 in Front Bumper
300' 2-1/2 in. Preconnect
300' 3 in. Preconnect
LDH Discharge
LDH Rear Intake
2-100' Hi-Rise Packs
6 man cab
VHF & UHF radios
40 Gallons Class A Foam
750 Gallon Water Tank
60 min. RIT Pack
Pack Tracker
First in Bag
Back Board
Rabbit Tool
K Tool
W Tool
CO Meter
Gas Meter
Stair Runners/covers
Vent Saws
Recip Saw (electric)
Piercing Nozzle
2 sets of irons 24"
1 set of 30" irons
6' and 8' hooks
Sledge Hammer
various mechanics/hand tools
Pre Piped Deck Gun
LZ Kit
150' Utility Rope
Oil Dry
6 Way Gas Meter
Canine oxygen mask/resuscitation kit
20 # Metal X fire extinguisher
24" bolt cutters
Lap Top w/ GPS and CAD software
2 Water Can extinguishers
20# ABC dry chem extinguisher
Holmatro Combi rescue tool
Holmatro pump
Step Chocks
500' roll of plastic for salvage
(2) Large Junk Yard Dogs

PA Department of Health QRS Certified
108 Truck
2011 Pierce XT 100' Midmount Aerial Ladder
100' Heavy Duty Ladder
Remote control pinnable waterway
8 man cab
1500 GPM waterway
2000 GPM pump
10KW PTO generator
2-200' 1-3/4" Crosslays
3-200' 1-1/2" High rise packs
800' 3" hose
1-30' Extension ladder
1-28' Extension Ladder
2-14' Roof Ladders
1-12' Roof Ladder (mounted on aerial ladder)
1-14' Fresno Ladder
Attic Ladder
Little Giant Ladder
Thermal Imaging Camera
2 PPV fans
Vent saw
K12 saw
Bolt cutters
Cable cutters
Set of irons
HD irons
2 150' bags 1/2" rope
Battering ram
Assorted roof hooks / pike poles
Stokes basket
Assorted salvage covers
Assorted hand tools
Water can extinguisher
Dry chem extinguisher
6 Scott SCBA
6 Spare SCBA cylinders
Laptop Computer with CAD and GPS
108 Rescue
2008 Ford F-550 Super Duty Rescue
Holmatro Core System Rescue tools (cutters & spreaders)
3 Holmatro Hydraulic Rams (various lengths)
Light Tower
Rope Rescue Equipment
12 Spare SCBA Cylinders
First Responder Equipment
Cutters Edge Concrete Cutting Saw
Complete Air Bag System
Vent Saw
K12 Saw
Various chains & ratchets/winches
Confined space vent fan & flexible tubing
Porta Power and Accessories
2 Air Chisels
2 small Junk Yard Dogs
2 large Junk Yard Dogs
2 Glassmasters
2 DeWalt recip saws
DeWalt hand saw
DeWalt Drill
CO Meter
Gas meter
Various hand & mechanics tools
Assorted cribbing
4 Highlift Jacks
2 Backboards
Pediatric Backboard
Scoop stretcher
Stokes basket
Oil Dry
Portable Trash Pump
Canine oxygen mask/resuscitation kit
UHF/VHF radio capabilities
4-28" Pop up safety cones
Little Giant Ladder
Holmatro vehicle air bag locator manual
trailer tow capabilities

PA Department of Health QRS Certified
108 Squad 2
2007 Ford Expedition
Pennsylvania DOH QRS Certified
108 Engine (Retired)
1989 Seagrave Pumper
Responded to thousands of calls throughout its service life. Engine was placed in service in 1989 and retired in 2011.
108 Truck (Retired)
1982 Seagrave 100-ft. Rear-Mount Aerial (Retired)
In service from 1982 until 2011, responding to thousands of calls providing protection to the Borough of Bellevue as well as to many other
surrounding communities.
Bellevue R1 (Retired)
1982 GMC/Pierce 4wd Rescue truck
Bellevue E1-(Retired)
1974 Chevy Box Van equipment truck
Bellevue Engine 1 - (Retired)
1967 Seagrave 1250 GPM Pumper
Bellevue Truck 1 (Retired)
1954 85' Seagrave mid mount ladder truck
2017 Officers

Administrative Officers

President: Randy Dailey

Vice President: Glenn Pritchard Jr.

Secretary: Glenn Pritchard Sr.

Ass't Secretary: Arthur Sneed

Treasurer: Robert Guckert

Ass't Treasurer:

Board Members:



Ass't Chief: Randy Dailey

Captain: Glenn Pritchard, Jr.

1st Lieutenant: Steve Maletick




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Search for Bellevue Volunteer Fire Company on Facebook. When you find the page, click "like" and then share the page as well so your friends can follow us as well!

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Yearly Call Volume

2014 Total: 780

Fire: 306

QRS: 474

2013 Total: 941

Fire: 347

QRS: 594

2012 Total: 933

Fire: 343

QRS: 590

2011 Total: 866

Fire: 350

QRS: 516

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Contact Information
Bellevue Volunteer Fire Company
537 Bayne Avenue
Bellevue, PA 15202
Non-Emergency: 412-766-7455
Emergency: 911
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Check out our truck committee when they go to the Pierce factory for the pre build meeting for the new ladder truck. Click on Chief Pritchard's picture to see the video.
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